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The Story of the Mosque

In Berkshire County, in the city of Pittsfield, MA, the Muslim community used to pray in a tiny leased store as there was no Mosque available. After many years, the Muslim community continued to grow, and it was clear that the community needed a Mosque.


When community members wanted to pray the Friday prayer or attend Eid celebrations in an established Mosque, they had to travel over two hours round trip. Many in Pittsfield, MA, are impoverished and can't travel for those prayers. Being unable to build or buy a Mosque in the area, Berkshire County Muslims used to pray at a local store because it was the only place they could gather and pray together. There was a dire need for a place of worship to accommodate all Muslims in the Pittsfield area and the Berkshire County region.


In late 2018, the "Notre Dame," a large and historic church, went for sale. A Muslim sister found this an excellent opportunity to help the community and stepped up to put in a down payment for the building. As many community members were impoverished, this sister was responsible for purchasing this building to serve as what is now known as the "AL Khalil Islamic Center."  On January 4th, 2019, they established the nonprofit Muslim Organization and purchased the church - converting it into the Mosque by the mercy of Allah.  A management team was started for the nonprofit, and they serve as the Mosque committee. There are many hurdles to keep establishing the Mosque and Islamic Center, and we need your help to support this endeavor for the Muslims of Berkshire County in the city of Pittsfield, MA!

The Purpose of having the mosque

  •  To unite the Muslim community in Berkshire County by providing a place of worship where they could respectively pray five times in congregation, pray Friday prayers, celebrate Eid, and other special classes, events, and occasions.

  • ·      To build and serve the local community by providing educational services for the community, such as educational lectures and other events that enrich the lives of residents. 

  • ·      To provide services to the broader national community by hosting programs to educate and inform the American public about Islam and its teachings and principles. 

  • ·      To help strengthen and expand the religious bonds between local Muslims and others from different faiths. 

  • ·      To build bridges of cooperation and understanding between the Muslim community and other groups and institutions in the greater Berkshire area, including civic groups, social service agencies, schools, law enforcement agencies, and businesses.

Goals of the organization 

  • To establish an Islamic center in Pittsfield that will serve the entire Muslim community of Berkshire County and beyond with programs in worship, education

  • ·      The Board of Directors works tirelessly to make this dream a reality for Muslims living in Berkshire County.

  • ·      To serve the broader American Muslim community by offering a place for worship for visiting Muslims and as a resource for them to learn about Islam and American Muslims, as well as 

  • to offer networking opportunities with other Muslim organizations throughout the US and beyond. 

  • ·      The mosque would help promote brotherhood and support one another during difficult times. 

  • ·      It also provides a place for the youth in the community to learn about the religion of Islam and the principles and values of Islam.

  • ·      It would also help foster a sense of community among Muslims in the Berkshire area besides making Dawah to non-Muslims and welcoming and supporting new Muslims and refugees.

Some Financial Numbers

  • The cost of buying the mosque is $325,000, and we managed to pay UpToDate: $125,000 (registered as a charity) - $100,000 cash from donors and friends from the community, $25,000 from 

  • the masjid board’s accumulated savings - $100,000 bank loan to keep the Mosque running until we get the proper donations.

  • We still owe $200,000 to the Bank. Due to a lack of funding, we have not been able to build the Masjid yet. Please help our masjid to grow by supporting us financially.

  • The mosque must be fixed to make it suitable for prayers and worship.

  • The building needs to have the heating put in, and more renovations are needed for it to be used.

  • We want to, install the AC, and fix the walls so we can use them for prayer meetings and classes.


Improvements Needed


  • ·     Pay off $200,000 debt to the Bank

  •      Remove the church windows ‘w/ Christian images” and install clear windows            and windows frames for warmth and to prevent break-ins: $50,000.

  • ·      Buy new Carpet:  $20,000

  • ·      Fix and build the Men and Women's restrooms and have a wudu/ablution                area:  $100,000

  • ·      Fix and buy new Doors: $20,000

  •       Have an office for the Imam: $5000

  • ·      Buy a new heating system: $10,000 

  • ·      Buy a sound system for $8,000

  • ·      Buy a Mimbar & Mihrab $4000

  • ·      Handicapped access $20,000


The total amount needed to finish the project is $437,000, and we need to raise this money very soon to complete the project.


  • Please help us by donating whatever you can. Your donations will help bring Islam closer to everyone in our county.

  • Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us, may Allah accept it and may Allah Jal Jalaluh reward you heavily.

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